Testimonials & Case Studies


"My Community Parent, Bronwen, is wonderful.

I have never been so grateful.

She helped me to take away the fear and gave me such confidence..."


- Community Parents project participant


"I support the processes employed by this project at every level. It is a stunning example of innovation, co-production, and rigorous risk management given the area they operate in.


Abigail Gilbert, Public Health Locality Manager 

Speaking about Community Parents



"The whole project is inspiring and it’s powerful to see how many women join the project as volunteers to support others. I feel so lucky to be part of it.”


Sofie Perry, Community Parents Volunteer                                                                         


"You are very important for me because you believed in me and supported me. Now I  feel better than last year and I am hopeful about my future."


Hansa, Community Training & Skills project participant


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