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Island House is a registered charity and community project based in London’s East End, established by the United Reformed Church in 1972. As a well-respected community resource, we provide facilities and services for our partner tenants (Island Advice Centre, Island House Playgroup and Quaystone church), other user groups (e.g. Scouts and Children's Ballet) as well as running our own community projects, supporting hundreds of diverse residents in and around Isle of Dogs, with over 300 people accessing Island House every week.


We have always aimed to deliver high quality facilities, services and projects for the promotion of the social, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and faiths in the Isle of Dogs and wider Tower Hamlets community. We love making dynamic partnerships with a range of groups and organisations to tackle marginalisation and make a real difference in the lives of ordinary people (although we find most people to be extra-ordinary!).


We have many years’ experience of effective service delivery to a diverse range of users through an assortment of successful projects. Projects past and present include:

  • ABLE (Adult Basic Learning and Education) has offered language and pre-employment training to local disadvantaged people. (Revised as Community Training - Skills)
  • Our CanDo project had for over ten years delivered £500 grants to grass root local people and organisations for the promotion of healthy living and lifestyles and was praised by Comic Relief after external individual assessment.
  • Our Community Parents Project offered peer support training to provide one-to-one support and group activities to pregnant women and new parents living in Tower Hamlets. (PROJECT NOW CLOSED)
  • Our Health and Wellbeing project (Revised as our new Community Health project) helped our older residents to age well, cope with chronic health conditions, reduce isolation and promoting healthy choices through a range of small group activities.
  • Our Youth project has provided weekly dance and holiday clubs for under 18s. Hundreds of local young people have seen their lives and prospects improved over the years through the work of our dedicated local staff.


Island House

Roserton Street
Isle of Dogs

London E14 3PG
T: 020 7531 0310
E: admin@island-house.org


Charity # 1110519


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