Our Partners 

Our project stakeholders group plays an active part in managing, steering and guiding our Community Parents project. 


Parents1st provide professional consultancy support and C&G accreditation for our Community Parents project.

Based in Basildon, Essex, they have been delivering early intervention through volunteer peer supporters for pregnant mums for many years and have developed a wide range of well researched resources.


Barkantine Health Centre


The GP practices of the Isle of Dogs, Poplar and Limehouse refer parents to us not only for one to one support but for our group support sessions (Pilates and Community Parents Drop-in). They are part of the Barts & the London NHS Trust.



Riverside and Gateway Midwifery Teams


The Riverside Midwifery Team are based at the Barkantine Health Centre and provide midwifery services for the Isle of Dogs area.


The Gateway midwifery team provides specialised midwifery services for mothers with extra needs.

Local Health Visitor Team


The local Health Visitor team are part of the Barts & London NHS Trust.



Barkantine Birth Centre

The Barkantine Birth Centre is a state of the art birthing centre located at the Barkantine Health Centre, originally designed by our Health Manager, Rachel Redfearn.


We are continually looking for ways of intergrating our work with the birth centre through, for example, mutual referrals.

Childrens Centres


The Isle of Dogs, Chrisp Street and Around Poplar Children's Centres (formely known as SureStart).

Family Nurse Partnership

The Family Nurse Partnership in Tower Hamlets is an early intervention p programme for young, first-time parents under the age of 20, and provides support during pregnancy and the first two years of the child's life. 

First Love Foundation



The First Love Foundation's Tower Hamlets Foodbank is an invaluable resource in one of the country's poorest boroughs.

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