We have a long history of providing high quality facilities, services and projects for the promotion of the social, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and faiths in the Isle of Dogs and wider Tower Hamlets community. We love making dynamic partnerships with a range of groups and organisations to tackle marginalisation and make a real difference in the lives of ordinary people (although we find most people to be extra-ordinary!).


Over the course of 2019 it became clear that the needs of the local community have changed since the project priorities were set by the Trustees in 2008. Whilst securing funding for projects has become increasingly difficult, the demand for pre-employment and basic computer training has dramatically increased, fuelled by the online-only management of Universal Credit. Fundraising for training has been more successful and we are currently planning projects that partner with the DWP and Island Advice Centre.


Therefore, our 2020-2023 strategy focusses on meeting the current needs of our community in three specific themes:


  1. Community Hub

Providing facilities and services for our partner tenants (Island Advice Centre, Island House Playgroup and Quaystone church), other community-focused user groups (e.g. Scouts and ballet classes) as well as hosting our own community projects. In addition, we also run CLC (craft and lunch clubs) and other sport or youth partnerships through this theme.


  1. Community Parents

Delivering peer support training to provide one-to-one support and group activities to pregnant women and new parents living in Tower Hamlets who may need more than the statutory provision.


  1. Community Training

Offering an integrated selection of language, pre-employment and computer training delivered on site to local people who need to develop their skills and experience, improving their prospects of employment or quality of living.




d House Project Delivery Areas

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Roserton Street
Isle of Dogs

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