Island House serves the whole community, irrespective of faith or background. Our staff team reflects a wide diversity of beliefs and religious practices. However,  we are all proud that, since our foundation in 1972, the values of the Christian Faith continue to underpin all the activities and principles at Island House.


A staff and Management Commitee Away Day in Nov 2014 put forward the following aspects of what we mean by our Christian values:


Open & Inviting - welcoming to all

Non-judgemental - accepting of all equally

Gracious - treating all with unmerited favour

A servant heart - giving rather than receiving

Going the extra mile - putting others before ourselves

A bias to the poor - prioritizing the most needy

Unity in diversity - respecting those who disagree with us

Transformative - believing in the possibility for everything to be made better

Redemptive - believing people can be rescued and restored

Hope - never giving in to despair or giving up on anyone

A gathered community- linking and connecting people together

Truth - honesty, integrity and transparency in all that we do

Life-giving - helping everyone experience life in all its fulness

Family - upholding families and being a family to those without their own

Love - in all things and above all things, acting in love at all times.


Island House
Roserton Street
Isle of Dogs

London E14 3PG
T: 020 7531 0310


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