Health & Wellbeing Project


Some projects that are running include

- Isle of Dogs Community Choir

- Luncheon Clubs for the Over 50's

- Craft Club

- Sports coach training courses

- Dance Fitness


for more information about the Friday Lunch Club please visit


For information on the activities available, contact our Project Coordinator       Cathy Weir at Island House.

Please return completed forms by email to 


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Community trip to the Tower of London


Our Employment Training project continues to run under the banner of our new Health & Wellbeing project..


We provide basic skills training and employment readiness courses  for local people who are presently economically inactive and looking to get into the job market. We have helped a number of people find work and many have seen a huge boost in their confidence and qualificiations through our training courses.


The project is coordinated by our Youth & Family Projects manager, Cathy Weir.


Island House
Roserton Street
Isle of Dogs

London E14 3PG
T: 020 7531 0310


Charity # 1110519


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